Versus and are the two U.S. based dating sites, which are present in over hundreds of countries and help people find the perfect partners either for short term or life long. was launched in 1995, whereas was launched much later in the year 2005, but both the sites have their stronghold in the dating service market. holds 24% shares in dating service of U.S market while the share of eHarmony is 14%. offers matchmaking for dating, where after filling the basic profile information one has to search the perfect match. The profile making process on this site has been divided into seven parts including basic information, choices and what qualities you want in your prospect match, and last is the photograph section. While you can make your profile during the free trial process and get a number of people around you, you will not be able to see the pictures until you subscribe.

As claimed by the founders, is necessarily very different from other online dating sites available. The difference is visible right when you start making your profile. The profile creating process on this site takes almost 40 minutes, where you have to answer over hundred questions. These questions will ask the users more about themselves rather than what they are willing to have in their matches. The site works with a scientific compatibility tool, where it finds matches for you depending on what you have filled in the questionnaire. Unlike other matchmaking sites, eHarmony does not allow the users to find matches for them, but it finds a match for them suggesting the best and compatible match. Therefore, it is suggested that one must be honest while filling out that long questionnaire.

Both the sites offer guided communication for the users, whenever needed. While the users on look for their perfect match on their own, eHarmony does not allow this. eHarmony finds the matches on its own for the users; therefore, users cannot search for profiles. This feature of eHarmony differentiates it from all other dating sites in the world.

While has always offered finding matches for a homosexual community, it is different for eHarmony. Initially eHarmony was a dating site only for heterosexuals but on demand of several groups, a sister-dating site called ‘Compatible Partners’ was created for the homosexuals. At present, there are over 200,000 people, who have registered on this site.

Keeping with the times, both the sites have their mobile apps available, both on iTunes and Android market. Now the users can upload photos and keep a track of messages while on the go. Besides the app eHarmony has also launched the Datebook, which enables its users to make a list of their dates and experiences.

Talking about number of people available on both the sites, surely ranks higher on this scale, more or less, because eHarmony users are not allowed to check other profiles until they are suggested by the site. eHarmony board has also claimed that according to a survey more than 90% eHarmony married couples had better quality scores. Therefore, when it comes to quantity has a winning hand while in terms of quality eHarmony is a sure shot winner.

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