On the Lookout: How to Check if Your Man is Ready for the Commitment

Finding someone to be with is only the first hurdle single men and women alike would have to go through. Once you’ve found the hand shose finger perfectly fit yours, another chapter unfolds. Through dates and regular meetups, you’re given a chance to get to know each other. Then at one point, you face another wall. You ask a question that haunted every woman at one point of her relationship. Is your man ready for commitment or is he just in for fun?

Signs you must check to know if he has busted the big C phobia are:

1. Respecting your decisions
He may be the one who wears the shining armor, but who says your word does not have any bearing? A committed relationship is one that is strongly founded a man and woman’s utmost respect for each other. Your man must realize that as a woman, you are to be dignified and honored, in the same way, that he would want you to make him feel.

2. Excess baggage – SETTLED
Whether you have had previous relationships or if your current one is your first (and hopefully your last), there will still be certain things that you bring along with you.A man is ready for commitment if he doesn’t bring up his past. This only proves to show that he values your presence in his life NOW. His “ex” may have been part of how he has matured in terms of the relationship, but who needs to bring that up?

3. Absolute honesty
If your man is confident to be honest and openly discusses with you even uncomfortable matters, then you are one step closer to the end of your rainbow, a committed relationship. Being open and true to his feelings is a sign of trust.

4. Deeper more meaningful conversations
As the relationship matures, the level of conversation grows deeper as well. When the usual talks about what movie to watch on your next date or what mishaps you’ve encountered at work turn out as instant pep talk sessions. Then you’re one lucky gal. The heavens have conspired to bless you with a guy who sees beyond your flaws and shortcomings.

5. “You/ I / me” becomes “we/us”
“We” is just a two-letter pronoun but admit it, when your man utters it as he looks into your eyes, you somehow lose that sense of sanity. This syllable marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life, a chapter that you’ll share with the man you truly adore.
Relationships are an investment. It is not enough that you know you are spending a significant amount of time doing even just the simplest (and sometimes silliest things) with someone. It is the assurance that you are staying in the relationship for the right reasons or intentions. Commitment is not easy. But it is way sweeter and more romantic than any sweet gesture any cupid has thought of.

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