Do’s and Don’ts on a First Date

I’m sure all of us know the rules in engaging in first-date conversations. For one, you are not supposed to talk about any topics regarding sex, politics, and any other awkward thing.  If you do, it is true that you are one step dumb and outburst away from never seeing the person ever again. Sounds typically easy, right? Some people would even say that their first dates might actually be fun.

But here’s the catch; not so fast! In case you do not know, you definitely have a bigger responsibility than just simply and merely avoiding offending someone or making that person bored as you happily and joyfully sipping a cup of coffee. Always remember that you need to be mindful of how the other person will remember you.  Remember, first impressions always do last.

I am not talking here about bringing a long list of talking points and topics to review in the bathroom before going on a date. It’s not also about excusing yourself to go to the comfort room while on a date and then dash out and say things that are on your list. You need to think at least about what your date would say about you if one of your friends asked you how the date was.

If your date would be summarized in a sentence or two, maybe it would go like this; “I met this office girl who just moved here from New Jersey. She’s into hiking and makes her own chocolate bars. She didn’t talk much, though.” Or it may even go like this; “I just had a great and wonderful date with a divorced dad who told me funny and really exciting stories about camping with his kids. He’s indeed a big movie fan and has a vast collection of DVDs.”

Yes, indeed it sounds unfair. We are a complex individual in the race of Homo sapiens forced to reduce our very core of the essence to a paragraph or so in a virtual profile or just a couple minutes of conversation. But the problem is that when we are trying to get to know someone and makes a fast decision whether or not we want to see that person ever again, we don’t remember the nuances. We always remember headlines. And because of this, I would like to share with you that will make sure that your first dates will always be memorable.

  • Know Your Brand- It is indeed important to know your brand. You should have already decided what to put on your profile.  It may be a mixture of your professions, your location and geography, your hobbies, relationship history, political affiliations and even opinions about online dating you really want to emphasize. You should recall whether or not you have written in the first sentence of your profile that you’re a single dad who loves to camp out with his kids, or it could be that you have written that you are a Miami heat fan, and so on and so forth. You must always remember these things. You must always remember your brand!

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