Dating a Compatible Person

Every person seeking and looking for a great and long lasting relationship knows the importance and value of compatibility. I am pretty sure that everybody wants to find someone whose interests, beliefs, goals and ambitions align with his or her own. The level of compatibility and similarity between two persons will determine in a large proportion the stability and fulfilment of their loving relationship that both of them will enjoy over the years to come.

This brings us and leads us then to a more critical question. How exactly do we assess the degree of similarity and compatibility between a person and his or her love interest? I have here a list and demarcation lines on which we can assess the compatibility between two persons.

1. Start your assessment with a thorough, reliable personality test. This kind of assessment will surely reveal areas of similarity and differences between persons, its comparison, and the level and degree of their compatibility.

2. After the initial assessment, you may now then explore the other person’s family background and upbringing. This kind of assessment would reveal internal and external influences that greatly influenced the other person and the person he or she had become.

3. Compare your deal breakers and your must-haves. Do your assessing and your match-making well with the qualities you are looking for the other person and those characters traits that you are trying to avoid. Have a checklist.

4. Ask yourself if you or your partner are trying to pretend each other’s interests. Most often than not, we either intentionally or unintentionally fool ourselves and our partners by acting so enthusiastically about each other’s hobbies, pursuits and interests. After a couple of time, this false enthusiasm of theirs will soon fade away.

5. Assess the combination of passion and companionship in your relationship. The most enduring of all chemistries between two people includes both passions that sizzles and a deep sense of camaraderie and friendship.

6. Recognize any cute perks and quirks that might irk over time. After having a false sense of enthusiasm, and a false approach on showing your very own behaviour, idiosyncrasies and habits that once seem charming while on the process of dating will grate and haunt on you throughout the years.

7. Assess and Gauge the level of acceptance you and your partner feels. More often than not, Compatible couples always feel a strong sense of harmony and always enjoy the freedom to be themselves.

8. Talk at length about your core values. It is always important to know each other’s core values. This is one way of assessing whether you and your partner are compatible. It is always best if both of you strongly held beliefs that are similar and encompasses beliefs on social issues, finances, spirituality, politics, and child rearing.

9. Identify those differences that do exist. No matter how similar and how compatible the two of you are, both of you are still bound to have some differences. You must determine if those are related to significant issues that will have a big impact in your lives, or just little differences on which you can negotiate.

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