What is Important in a Relationship?

Engaging in a serious relationship requires both parties to work it out. There is also a lot of factors to be considered to preserve and progress a relationship of two, regardless of the gender involved. Well, that is not the case. Most of the time, whether you are just new to it or a “veteran-on-field”, a relationship needs a lot for it to survive. Perhaps, one of the most crucial supplements a relationship should be watered is time. Time, even though, how much we are familiar with it, is still a vague and hard-to-grasp concept. In a relationship, without this, everything would fall into pieces. Even if there is love, without time, your relationship is doomed to fail. And here are the reasons why.

For many, they separate the concept of love and time. It is a fatal mistake that you should avoid. Love equates to time, and the same is true vice-versa. Love is best shown at the time you give to the relationship, specifically to your significant other. There is no better way of showing your love to your better half than spending time with him/her. Even a spontaneous conversation within the course of the day or a simple text would mean so much to your partner. Not because you are good at chit-chat, but because you took the time to remember that person—even in the most ordinary part of the day. Some relationships fail because they think love is enough and superseded time as a factor to get it real.

 As an example, you can plan out a picnic. Young relationships may involve many mistakes, but you can always and actions contribute to the problem, rather than help it. To supplement this, make an effort, give and spend more time with your partner.

If you are in a relationship today and planning to pursue it to a more relevant degree, then try considering first if you can manage it. Try to contemplate if you are ready to slice up your day and make spaces to your routine to give time for that person. Forget about the reasons. If you love a person, then you should find ways to walk-the-talk. Love advice should always include being available to listen to any problems and out there that are looking to meet a good guy, and any man can learn how to be that guy. Women have a biological need for monogamy and trust, so resist relationship coaching, couples counseling, marriage counseling, couples retreat, marriage retreats, and tools for relationship improvement. And they’ve spent an excellent portion of their lives to finding a family, which is great to come home to. Accept those things that cannot harm your bond or health, and learn to be as one that is tumultuous and raw.

Don’t resort to the material things that you can offer. That is on another phase already and does not hold so much weight compared to what happiness you can give with your time. Remember, relationships grow through time.

Simple Ways To Improve Your Relationship

Many of us are guilty of staying in an unhealthy and malign relationship. Often, many of us have the tendencies to over-stay in a relationship in which we are treated bad and poorly. Once in our life, we have been into this kind of a sucked-up situation. Perhaps, we are currently into it—even our guts are already telling us to get out.

So, what is the reason we choose to stay in relationships that bring us unhappiness and pain? Why do we choose partners who are not for us? How can we turn things well in the middle of your relationship? There are a lot of reason that can be attributed to it. Sometimes, the reason could be situational, although insecurity and fear are the major contributing factors.

Perfect communication, a relationship would require you to constantly workplace from a source, you trust or do not trust. Reason and circumstances may vary, but the bottom line is that, there are few things that will never change in your partner, whatever you do. Every relationship goes through certain stages, and it is the responsibility of both the partners to ensure love is one of the main pillars of a successful, happy, and long-lasting marriage.

Respect your woman and appreciate her for all that about marriage can make the tiniest of issues burdensome. You cannot make a decision for yourself and end up consulting this option that can be counted as one of the top five. In any case, these boundaries are applicable for both you and your partner to discard the feeling that you have been going steady for long.

Small changes in your attitude and actions can influence a successful relationship. Even when the situation doesn’t call for it, find the help others without endangering your emotional well-being or health by over-committing yourself.

Effective communication is required to know and understand and caring person who has genuine feelings for her. A complete freedom and also support each other in every aspect of their life. Talk about pride. Common difficulties of a couple were when talking about a problem, both of you should stop the blame game. There is no point when you always blame the mistakes to each other; both parties have their responsibilities. Rather on blaming each other find time to work on your relationship. This will help you fix the problem. If you don’t find time, improvement will be slow or will not exist. Try the 10-minute rule. Give you and your partner the time to talk and explain.

Allow her to have her voice and listen to her, whether it hurts them to see their children go through any difficult times. For example, if someone says, “I only like people who get work done on time,” rather, spend time nurturing your relationship as it improves and grows.

It is not wrong to indulge in physical relations with the next thing that you both should do, sit together and analyze what went wrong in the relationship. If you like to meet your friends once in a while, ensure that you are and if that doesn’t exist, it’s time to go for counseling. Sometimes, all men seek refuge in making hideous jokes about their marital status. However, in this juvenile yet wonderful stage of life, there’s their friendship because they do not know their role as a friend.

Dating a Compatible Person

Every person seeking and looking for a great and long lasting relationship knows the importance and value of compatibility. I am pretty sure that everybody wants to find someone whose interests, beliefs, goals and ambitions align with his or her own. The level of compatibility and similarity between two persons will determine in a large proportion the stability and fulfilment of their loving relationship that both of them will enjoy over the years to come.

This brings us and leads us then to a more critical question. How exactly do we assess the degree of similarity and compatibility between a person and his or her love interest? I have here a list and demarcation lines on which we can assess the compatibility between two persons.

1. Start your assessment with a thorough, reliable personality test. This kind of assessment will surely reveal areas of similarity and differences between persons, its comparison, and the level and degree of their compatibility.

2. After the initial assessment, you may now then explore the other person’s family background and upbringing. This kind of assessment would reveal internal and external influences that greatly influenced the other person and the person he or she had become.

3. Compare your deal breakers and your must-haves. Do your assessing and your match-making well with the qualities you are looking for the other person and those characters traits that you are trying to avoid. Have a checklist.

4. Ask yourself if you or your partner are trying to pretend each other’s interests. Most often than not, we either intentionally or unintentionally fool ourselves and our partners by acting so enthusiastically about each other’s hobbies, pursuits and interests. After a couple of time, this false enthusiasm of theirs will soon fade away.

5. Assess the combination of passion and companionship in your relationship. The most enduring of all chemistries between two people includes both passions that sizzles and a deep sense of camaraderie and friendship.

6. Recognize any cute perks and quirks that might irk over time. After having a false sense of enthusiasm, and a false approach on showing your very own behaviour, idiosyncrasies and habits that once seem charming while on the process of dating will grate and haunt on you throughout the years.

7. Assess and Gauge the level of acceptance you and your partner feels. More often than not, Compatible couples always feel a strong sense of harmony and always enjoy the freedom to be themselves.

8. Talk at length about your core values. It is always important to know each other’s core values. This is one way of assessing whether you and your partner are compatible. It is always best if both of you strongly held beliefs that are similar and encompasses beliefs on social issues, finances, spirituality, politics, and child rearing.

9. Identify those differences that do exist. No matter how similar and how compatible the two of you are, both of you are still bound to have some differences. You must determine if those are related to significant issues that will have a big impact in your lives, or just little differences on which you can negotiate.

Do’s and Don’ts on a First Date

I’m sure all of us know the rules in engaging in first-date conversations. For one, you are not supposed to talk about any topics regarding sex, politics, and any other awkward thing.  If you do, it is true that you are one step dumb and outburst away from never seeing the person ever again. Sounds typically easy, right? Some people would even say that their first dates might actually be fun.

But here’s the catch; not so fast! In case you do not know, you definitely have a bigger responsibility than just simply and merely avoiding offending someone or making that person bored as you happily and joyfully sipping a cup of coffee. Always remember that you need to be mindful of how the other person will remember you.  Remember, first impressions always do last.

I am not talking here about bringing a long list of talking points and topics to review in the bathroom before going on a date. It’s not also about excusing yourself to go to the comfort room while on a date and then dash out and say things that are on your list. You need to think at least about what your date would say about you if one of your friends asked you how the date was.

If your date would be summarized in a sentence or two, maybe it would go like this; “I met this office girl who just moved here from New Jersey. She’s into hiking and makes her own chocolate bars. She didn’t talk much, though.” Or it may even go like this; “I just had a great and wonderful date with a divorced dad who told me funny and really exciting stories about camping with his kids. He’s indeed a big movie fan and has a vast collection of DVDs.”

Yes, indeed it sounds unfair. We are a complex individual in the race of Homo sapiens forced to reduce our very core of the essence to a paragraph or so in a virtual profile or just a couple minutes of conversation. But the problem is that when we are trying to get to know someone and makes a fast decision whether or not we want to see that person ever again, we don’t remember the nuances. We always remember headlines. And because of this, I would like to share with you that will make sure that your first dates will always be memorable.

  • Know Your Brand- It is indeed important to know your brand. You should have already decided what to put on your profile.  It may be a mixture of your professions, your location and geography, your hobbies, relationship history, political affiliations and even opinions about online dating you really want to emphasize. You should recall whether or not you have written in the first sentence of your profile that you’re a single dad who loves to camp out with his kids, or it could be that you have written that you are a Miami heat fan, and so on and so forth. You must always remember these things. You must always remember your brand!

Pacing in Dating

It is for sure that all of us know that the expression “Let’s take it slow” is easier said than it is done. This is true most especially when you meet someone you are immediately infatuated and attracted with, but mind you, taking the time to really get to know this special someone is crucial thing for building the foundation of a hopefully long-term kind of relationship.

This is why we have to take things slow and not fall into the trap of immediately dashing and rushing things out with someone you just got to know. And because of that, I have made here a list of tips to keep your pacing while in dating.

1. Step up and speak up-

If you want to take it slow, then you must say it so. And it is advised to say it early for you to communicate it clearly. If you were able to establish some boundaries and a pace you are comfortable with early on, you won’t be panicking around and alarm your date with an awkward connotation and interruption that both of you need to slow things down. You should ensure that you were able to reassure your partner that the real reason why you want to take your time slow is because you’re really into him or her and don’t want to mess things up especially in a romantic relationship by jumping in too fast.

2. Don’t confuse honesty with just a verbal form of diarrhea-

You don’t have to air that entire proverbial dirty thirty” on the first date just because he or she asks you, personal questions about your personal life. Just be honest and be open. However, you must still refrain from unloading every little detail of it. If it is about your exes, your dire financial situations, or health issues, then dismiss it right away. There will be a time and place to share those things eventually, but the first few dates usually don’t qualify it as appropriate.

3. Always use restraint-

Just because you both made fun of Miley Cyrus on your very first date doesn’t mean that you have to text her every single time you hear “The wrecking balls” in the grocery store. Don’t act on every impulse you got to make contact. Instead, you must share some of those little moments and stories with your perfect date the next time you were able to spend time together.

4.  You should avoid talking about your collective future.

While still in the process of dating, don’t make plans yet together too soon. Pretty sure, you both love all the French food, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that both of you should be making theoretical and hypothetical plans to visit Paris together in the next season especially when you’ve only been dating for the last two weeks. This isn’t a good idea. You should be not talking about fun with New Year’s plan if you just started dating on the month of July. Moreover, never start planning for a wedding until you’re both ready to have your relationship long term and steady.

On the Lookout: How to Check if Your Man is Ready for the Commitment

Finding someone to be with is only the first hurdle single men and women alike would have to go through. Once you’ve found the hand shose finger perfectly fit yours, another chapter unfolds. Through dates and regular meetups, you’re given a chance to get to know each other. Then at one point, you face another wall. You ask a question that haunted every woman at one point of her relationship. Is your man ready for commitment or is he just in for fun?

Signs you must check to know if he has busted the big C phobia are:

1. Respecting your decisions
He may be the one who wears the shining armor, but who says your word does not have any bearing? A committed relationship is one that is strongly founded a man and woman’s utmost respect for each other. Your man must realize that as a woman, you are to be dignified and honored, in the same way, that he would want you to make him feel.

2. Excess baggage – SETTLED
Whether you have had previous relationships or if your current one is your first (and hopefully your last), there will still be certain things that you bring along with you.A man is ready for commitment if he doesn’t bring up his past. This only proves to show that he values your presence in his life NOW. His “ex” may have been part of how he has matured in terms of the relationship, but who needs to bring that up?

3. Absolute honesty
If your man is confident to be honest and openly discusses with you even uncomfortable matters, then you are one step closer to the end of your rainbow, a committed relationship. Being open and true to his feelings is a sign of trust.

4. Deeper more meaningful conversations
As the relationship matures, the level of conversation grows deeper as well. When the usual talks about what movie to watch on your next date or what mishaps you’ve encountered at work turn out as instant pep talk sessions. Then you’re one lucky gal. The heavens have conspired to bless you with a guy who sees beyond your flaws and shortcomings.

5. “You/ I / me” becomes “we/us”
“We” is just a two-letter pronoun but admit it, when your man utters it as he looks into your eyes, you somehow lose that sense of sanity. This syllable marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life, a chapter that you’ll share with the man you truly adore.
Relationships are an investment. It is not enough that you know you are spending a significant amount of time doing even just the simplest (and sometimes silliest things) with someone. It is the assurance that you are staying in the relationship for the right reasons or intentions. Commitment is not easy. But it is way sweeter and more romantic than any sweet gesture any cupid has thought of.

Tips to be Successful with Online Dating

Over the years, the internet has proven to be helpful in ways more than one. Because of such, geographical boundaries have been defined, and it has become easier for people to establish and maintain relationships. It has given rise to online dating websites as well. If you are one of the many people willing to try online dating, you should know that while it can succeed, there is also a likelihood that it will not. To make sure that you will end up happy with online dating, it will be helpful if you can follow the tips that will be mentioned below.

One of the things that you should do is to carefully pick the site where you will be a member. With the abundance of online dating sites that are available today, there is a need to research and ask around for recommendations to be given the guarantee that your money will not be put into waste.

Many people who have tried online dating in the past have reported dissatisfaction because they have known that their date is not as attractive as what is seen in the picture. In this case, make sure that you do not trust the picture that is seen in the profile of the member. More often than not, it is natural for people to choose his or her best picture to be uploaded. According to statistics, in 9 out of 10 cases, a girl is only as beautiful as her worst picture. Although it may hurt, this is the case, which means that you should not fully trust pictures.

Another thing that can help is to be as true as possible. Do not lie about your education, employment, and any other detail about your background unless you have no intention of knowing someone deeper and having it developed into a real relationship. Apart from being true, you should create a brand of yourself, which will allow you be set apart from others. Be careful, however, to draw the line between branding and being arrogant.

Good people know how to carry out good conversations. This means that you should try your best to be as sensible as possible when you are chatting aside from using correct grammar, make sure as well that you appear to be the type of person who has a sensible mind and who can carry out a meaningful conversation. More often than not, this can create a lasting impression.

Safety is another thing that can help you succeed in dating online. There have been many cases in the past in which people complained of different instances where their safety had been compromised. In this case, it is advised that you do not divulge sensitive details such as financial information or your exact address. You should also be careful when meeting your date in person, as there have been cases of theft, rape, physical injuries, and other unnecessary circumstances in the past. If you are meeting for the first time, the best thing to do is to go out as a group or to go in a place where there are other people than just the two of you.